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Naomi- Jeez. You're one of my best friends ever! You're sooo sweet and you're soo loveable (not that way, for all you people with sick minds). Lylas! And you saved my butt once!

Ariella- I don't care if you're not popular, or you hate bright colors, or you despise cuddly kittens or you you hang out with guys who are 2 times older than you are. YOU'RE THE BEST, GIRL! Don't ever dye your hair pure black, it's perfect red.

Niecy- One of the craziest people I know!  Wanna' talk about Rene's eyes? Or his smile? Lol. I want to say that congratulations to Niecy and Rene, because they've been together for *counts fingers* at least 6 years!

Curtis- You're so nice to me and you're totally 'gangster'. Lol. Always wearing a muscle tee or do-rag (or however you spell it)...don't you have something else in your wardrobe???  Sike, j/p. Keep writing lyrics, you're getting better.

Christina- My homie-girl, my ghetto friend, and an infamous rapper "The Lord". The Lord is banging tight, the bling-bling she be wearing be blinding your sight, it's bright. Careful she bites and she's got might, don't wanna' get in no fight, or the next place you'll be is deep under your burial site. Ah, I'm not good. (but if you want to use it, ask me.) Lol. (Just for any of you who are reading this particular one, don't worry, 95% of the people who view this site probably don't get it either, it's an inside joke.)

Aaliya- Aaliya's famous words.: "Where's my bodyguard, this ugly guy is blocking my light and polluting my air." Aaliya thinks she's all that because she's got a lot of cash to parade around. AALIYA, YOU'RE ONLY 14, DON'T FLATTER YOURSELF! Sike, you know this is a sign of envy. The only thing you don't know is how to cook! You tried to help Devon make Stuffed Potato Shells, but, you took out corn instead of potatoes and starting/ attempting to cut it. LOL.

Devon- I can't believe I didn't think of you first when I was writing this! If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have met some 5 people above your name, and so many more. You sometimes are the core of my friendship, I don't know what that means, but I think it means you're always there and you're a really good friend. You were there when I was sitting down all alone, you were there when I was really sad, you were there when I went crazy and was mad of enough to kill someone, you were there to help me with my homework, but you also were there when Darien prank called me and you didn't say anything. In fact, you JOINED HIM! But anyway, you're a really good friend, but you're still not the nicest guy I know, because that position is taken. ^_^

Darien- You're not much of a friend, after all those jokes/stupid pranks you pulled on ME! You give 16-yr. olds a BAD NAME! Like calling me short, and prank calls, and smelling me hair and making a bad face (YOU KNOW IT SMELLS GOOD THAT'S WHY YOU SMELT IT AGAIN), and making fun of the pancakes I made. You are malevolent and fiendish in zenith (I learned 2 words in that sentence from him, hopefully I used them right), but...you're still my friend. :-X

Miles- Miles, what I like about you is.................um.....smart. You're really smart, but you never use it, I bet you're smarter than Naomi. R.I.P David...one thing I hate about you is that you're always so tough. Like when David died, you said "I never cry" and you never did once, but EVERYONE ELSE DID and we're not even related. I don't want to put down anymore about that so... you're nice sometimes, and you've always dried up tears, even when you don't want to. So...I'll tell you stuff later, don't have nothing to say, lol.

Jazzy- Jeeezzzz, we talk about some weird stuff and almost everything. We talk so randomly all the time, that we could have probably made a dictionary, that when every time you looked up a word, it wouldn't pop up a definition, it would pop up a conversation of us talking about it. We talked about Ricky's aim, Curtis's night game, elements, brain waves, close shaves, cheers, beers, Barbie dolls...godd, we even talked about a 75 watt light bulb before:

Jplilangel009: My room lite just diedddd! Stupid 75 watt light bulb.

lilbabyangel29: hey i think i have a 75 watt light bulb for my closet.

Jplilangel009:  really? I'm so bored, lets talk about light bulbs. Now, where would we be without our light bulbs?

lilbabyangel29:  In the dark?

Jplilangel009:  that question was worth 90 dollars, you go on the next level.

lilbabyangel29:  haha we're so weird. i wonder if aaliya saw this.

Jplilangel009:  i know wat sehe would say

Jplilangel009: JUST 90 DOLLARS?

This is one weird conversation. (I'm lilbabyangel) Well it really wasn't about light bulbs, but the first 4 sentences were about it. Lyl, we talk about 'pointless' things! Let's keep doing that.

Ricky- The only Puerto Rican guy I know. The only guy who knows how to cook, clean and not afraid to admit it (after Devon). You're funny but you're cruel at the same time too.: Ricky* Want to dance the last dance?, Some girl* No Thanks, loser., Ricky* Don't thank me, thank god someone asked you.// Lol. Another time.: **setting: a theatre**. Ricky* We've been waiting for half an hour!, Shaynee* I know!, Announcer* Are you ready for the-, Ricky* We've BEEN ready!... // I wasn't there when that happened. :(  School's coming. X( ... I was so surprised last year when you got straight A's. So were you, lol. <--he's my Ricky and I'm his Nina Latina because I have 'Spanish eyes' according to him.☺

Courtney- Courtney, Court, Horse, Short Court, Cheer Girl, Blondie, Dumb Blondie, Nate's Soul Mate <--SO MANY NICKNAMES! I don't have many nicknames. :( .: Nina, Nini, Sabrina, Nina Latina, Laughing Hyena. only 6. >:( . I NEVER SEE YOU! You're always either at the mall, not home, cheerleading practice, dancing in the rain, eating, hanging out with Nate, or whatever. Anyway, Luv ya'.

Nathan-  Hey Nate. :: Donthatenate: hey ya'll its laughin hyena. sup hyena, lilbabyangel29: Hey, Mr. Nate the great who needs to lose some weight., Donthatenate: yeahhh Nate the Great.,  lilbabyangel29: its more like, "Where's my plate?" // Not a nice comeback, but w/e. Nate rhymes with SO MANY THINGS! Slate, spate, rate, plate, dictate, debate, estate, translate, line of fate, underrate, water state, recriminate, physiological state. You're right, I laugh more than I sleep. So far the I counted 7 LOL's on this page. Now eight. *Laughing Hyena

Sheila- One of my BEST FRIENDS! She's known me for almost 12 years (I'm 13). That's because she's also my cousin. ^_^. We got so many inside jokes: Me: *holding stuffed puppy, cuddlepup* His name is Cuddlepup.,  Navin: *steals MY cuddlepup* HAHA! *runs off with it to guest bedroom*  *Sheila and Niki chase him* *Navin runs to a dead-end at the guest bedroom* It's a long inside joke but I think Sheila remembers. Lylas (control your jealousy Niecy, lol). §hei|Ä

Niki- MY SISTER! well...she's my cousin and Sheila's sister, but she's my huggable teddy bear...but she lives in New York. :(. They stole her from me. ='(  Yams (you are my sister)

Joanna- Um...look! I put you up here! ... You always know how to make me feel bad...but nooo, you don't want to lie.

Lauren- My pen pal. I think we met when we were 6 or 7 during ballet classes (I took ballet classes in ages 2-8. Can you picture me dancing gracefully?  )  I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry I never write back fast or at all. If you don't receive a letter from me within the end of September you have every right to yell at me! X P. * Nina*

Chris- Well, HOW COULD I FORGET THE NICEST GUY EVER? (No, you're wrong. The nicest guy ever isn't St. Pete, or whoever. no offence to any religions). (SPESHALBLKMAN631:  I'm the nicest guy ever! JUST LOOK AT MY SCREENNAME. ::looks at the screen name and agrees::) Chris is probably never going to see this site, because I'm kind of embarrassed to show him but he's SO NICE! He offered me a tissue box, he's funny (Donthatenate:  i am officially the funniest man in da countreee'  holla peeps from locklands to da Pacific Sea.) and he's all that other stuff. ♫. Sooooo, since he's not going to see this, I want to say he's SO ANNOYING AND -- sike. I just wanted to say he's really nice (He's not annoying, but I think I am to him). ♪ ♫

Spanish Eyes- Some people call me spanish eyes...but I don't think my eyes are that pretty. The person I know who has spanish eyes is... LOREINNA! Loreinna's not going to see this either because she doesn't have internet, just phone. One thing that freaks me out about her is that she's like a psychic. The first time I saw one of her 'psychic moments' , I was with Lorienna outside, no one around. And all of a sudden she says "You're going to be speechless and act awkward". I was like Huh? Then Lorienna said Huh? Then I said "I'm going to be speechless to what?" and Lorienna was flickering her eyes and said "Speechless? That was extraño." (Extrano means random) Then some guy came up to us and said "I like you." I don't know who he was saying it to, but Lorienna was right, I was speechless. But then again, there were some times she was wrong too. ♣

Imani-  "Someone stole her pizza?" ~ Nina (not NINEA). I knew her in 5th grade, she didn't like me until the end of 6th grade...or so I think... (MMblakganstarr50:  think? Nina daz just not you) We talk on the phone almost everyday and our convo kinda goes like this... (Imani* Anyway, what are you doing?  Me* Nothing...you?  Imani* Watching TV.) We had three/four arguments... (Imani* DON'T EVER TALK TO ME AGAIN! *hangs up*  Devon* Hey. Nina. What's up?/// Devon always makes an appearance whenever I get in a fight...extraño) The weirdest conversations... ( Me* God, I'm never going to track again!  Sean* Wait a minute. How could you say, you'll never go to track again, if you haven't ever been to track? **Imani laughing in the background**) And you made me get into a fight with Nia ...and didn't get me a birthday present...and .......................................and...........you didn't tell me brother was behind me with frozen water ( Me:: Hi, I would like some Virginia Ham.  Man Behind Counter:: Ok.  **brother comes behinds me deviously with ice and puts it down my back**  Me:: HE DID IT AGAIN! **runs off to my mom to tell on him with hands going up and down**  Man Behind Counter:: **has ham** Hey, where'd she go?) Gawddd, this is a long paragraph, it's 12:38 AM in the morning and I'ma perezoso! ZZZZZZZZZZZZ! I'm going to sleep so this has to end... :X

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